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Core priorities:

Good government
Public Safety
Economic development
Quality of Life
Equity and Justice

Bill Falsey

Leading in hard times.

As city manager, Bill Falsey has been a driving force behind, and the face of Anchorage’s response to multiple emergencies, including the 2018 earthquake, the coronavirus pandemic, and daunting fiscal challenges caused by state budget cuts.

Real accomplishments.

With his even-keeled manner, Bill builds authentic consensus around policies that most benefit the people of Anchorage. He’s a great communicator, but at heart he is a doer, not a talker. He oversees the majority of the city’s departments and people, and has served as acting mayor.

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Bill Falsey & Family

Deep connection.

Anchorage has given Bill so much -- and he's ready to keep paying it forward.

Bill Falsey’s Vision for Anchorage

A welcoming community, unbounded opportunity, and the chance to work together to meaningfully improve the lives of our neighbors.